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PermaLink Presentations and Demos from EntwinklerCamp 201308:25 PM
Category : EntwinklerCamp
Location : Gelsenkirchen, Germany

This past week I had the pleasure of presenting twice at Rudi Knegt's EntwicklerCamp conference in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Attached are the two presentations and the demo database which was shared between them.

Being Classy in LotusScript

jQuery in Domino Application

Demo Database

N e w b s

PermaLink New Job at HealthSpace USA, Inc.08:54 AM
Category : Miscellaneous
Location : Lakewood, Ohio, USA

For those who have not heard, the work at Teamwork Solutions has sadly come to an end. They are focusing on placement opportunities and have gotten almost completely out of the project business. I am the last technical employee in the project practice to leave the company. A couple are hanging on as contractors, but the only employees left are Steve Branam, Scott Good, Steve McIntosh, and Alison Pickett.

So I took a job doing XPages development at HealthSpace USA in Lakewood, Ohio (just west of Cleveland). We have a notes client based system that supports the various health and safety inspection processes for State and Local governments in the US and Canada. Think pools, snack bars, to bowling alleys and everything in between...There are several hundred organizations that use some parts of the system. My job is to get it to work on the web with XPages.

I am never sure how much I will blog going forward but perhaps I may have some new stuff to cover...

PermaLink German Mustard USA site is not here, but is on line!11:49 AM
Category : Mustard
Location : Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

You can get to the real German Mustard USA site at

German Mustard USA

You may have come here after searching for German Mustard. This page was incorrectly setup for a couple of domains to be the default page on this server. You can get to the real German Mustard USA site here. Go there, the "senf" is outstanding! We feature Händlemaier's brand Bavarian mustard ranging from the awesome "der süße Hausmachersenf" (sweet house mustard) to the sizzling "Superscharfer Senf" (super hot mustard) the flavor is excellent and compliments any meat I have found to enjoy it with.

I developed this site for my buddies, Paul and Chuck at PC Importers. Used XPages and am hosting it on an 8.5.2 Linux based domino server. We will see how it goes.

FWIW, the shopping cart credit cards are processed through First Data. We keep no identifiable financial data in the Domino data store. I am sure someone will comment on the need for more protection. Please tell, what more do I need?

PermaLink Leaving the Facebook Germania Society Members Group11:33 PM
Category : Germania Society
Location : Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Dear Friends and Germania Members:

There is a private group on Facebook that is by name "Germania Society Members" is supposed to be a place for Germania members to interact about issues and events in our club. It was not created by the Germania Web Site team, nor, it seems, is the sole administrator, an active board member, willing to grant administrative rights to the Germania Website team.

I am leaving this group. I have learned that it is only for folks that have no disagreements with the administrator's agenda for the club. Some folks who are very active in the club have been removed from this group arbitrarily by the administrator. One is a current board member and another is a former officer. This action occurred after they opposed an action by the board which was apparently supported by the administrator of this page.

PermaLink It is time to vote, early and often08:46 AM
Category : None
Location : Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

I am running a vote for the Burgermeister for the Germania Society's40th Oktoberfest on August 27-29.

Vote here, vote often.

The voting and tabulation pages are all Domino and jQuery.

PermaLink Pictures from Spain03:16 PM
Category : Personal/Family
Location : Madrid, España
Pat and I returned last night from a delightful week with my daughter Rachel, Jorge (her husband) and Miriam (their 14 month old daughter).

There are a ton of pictures here, here, and here.

PermaLink Facebook and Twitter Have Made Me (and others) Prefer Being Anti Social03:20 PM
Category : Social Software
Location : Columbus, Ohio, USA

Elizabeth Berstien summed up my sentiments on this whole Social Networking stuff in the Wall Street Journal.

Notice to my friends: I love you all dearly.

But I don't give a hoot that you are "having a busy Monday," your child "took 30 minutes to brush his teeth," your dog "just ate an ant trap" or you want to "save the piglets." And I really, really don't care which Addams Family member you most resemble. (I could have told you the answer before you took the quiz on Facebook.)

. . . Amidst all this heightened chatter, we're not saying much that's interesting, folks. Rather, we're breaking a cardinal rule of companionship: Thou Shalt Not Bore Thy Friends.

Verizon Wireless also has been running a commercial in the US showing some overly trendy parents overdoing the whole Twitter/Facebook thing.

I have only used Twitter briefly while at Lotusphere and IamLUG conferences. Even there the percentage of totally useless drivel I had to filter out to get an occasional nugget of insight was phenomenal. I have given up following opening Twitter clients because the good information I might get is completely drowned out by Richard's ".. new office mate is The Dread Pirate Roberts"

At the same time, Facebook has become, for me, almost entirely a gaming place due to the insidiously addictive Mafia Wars from Zinga. The odd thing about this is that I am very rarely interested in playing games on the computer. It is very curious that I now look forward to the hour or so of wasted time doing jobs, buying Mega Casinos and beating up on lower level players to pick up some valuesd loot. I keep telling myself to blow away the 2,000+ "friends" I have recruited to make my character stronger so I can actually see more of the stuff from people (like my duaghter) who really are friends. But doing so, it seems, would simply give me another place to see the Tweets that have caused me to disdain Twitter.

Perhaps the reason I do not appreciate the noise created by these networks is connected to my general unwillingness to "Toot my own horn" or make noise at the same level of noise that bothers me as I hear it from others. Perhaps this also applies to blogging. I have tried to use Planet Lotus and various readers, but the noise level even there drowns out the valuable nuggets.

So I will continue to participate infrequently in these new social mediums until I have something (I think is) real to say. Anyone who wants to tell me why that is wrong can reply here or tweet it someplace that I can more easily ignore.

I was on a game show. When I lost, they gave me a lovely parting gift. It was a comb. - Scott E. Roeben

PermaLink Helping out a friend03:29 PM
Category : Personal/Family
Location : Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Those that know me pretty much at all know that I have a redneck side that some say covers 98% of what I do. I enjoy NASCAR, throwing real steal-tip darts, going to car shows, cooking pigs and just about anything that involves drinking beer with friends. Most of those activities have been done with Dale Scholer, the guy who is as close to a best friend as I have in this world. In addition to the redneck stuff, Dale and I have gone to the Masters tournament together, attended several Blues events, poured beer at other events, eaten some exceptional food together (prime rib to roast pork to Italian sausage) and we do stuff that perhaps should not be exposed in a public place like this.
Image:Newbs Blog - Helping out a friend

Over the last two years, Dale has declined significantly due to a genetic kidney condition. Of his five siblings, three got the condition and two were spared. Last year Dale's brother and sister both got kidney transplants, one from another sibling and the other from a deceased donor. At the time, Dale's kidney function had not declined far enough to warrant a transplant, but that soon changed. When he did get to the requisite 20% function, his eligibility for a transplant was delayed several months due to a lingering pre cancerous condition of the skin on his leg. When that finally cleared up, and the doctors checked everything out it became clear that his brother could be an effective donor.

Dale got his brother's kidney two weeks ago, and is recovering OK, though he has quite a ways to go. In order to prevent rejection and the chance of infection the doctors will not allow him to go to work or be in public gatherings for two to three months. So Dale is pretty much stuck at home. However, I setup Skype with a video feed on his computer so he can communicate. His Skype account is "dale.scholer"

Next Friday, July 3, 2009 from 3PM to 8PM several of Dale's friends are holding a benefit for him to raise a few dollars to help defray expenses. He has some insurance but has no short term disability to pay for normal living expenses while he is out of work. We hope to close that gap a bit. THe benefit will be at Tina's bar at 4th and Central in downtown Cincinnati. Here is the flyer:

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